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List of the best countries with inexpensive prostitutes

A few years ago it was not customary to talk about erotic leisure even in the company of close friends. But now sex tourists openly brag about their exploits in the horizontal plane, and top travel agencies include in unofficial price lists trips to countries with a developed intimate industry. Pander says that it is possible to find an available girl for a small amount of money in any country, but it is better to enjoy sex services safely and inexpensively in proven resorts.

The best sex services for a tourist

What to do if you don’t want to start a permanent relationship and get married yet, but your body demands new erotic encounters and sex adventures? Of course, go on a sex tour to one of the countries where prostitutes are ready to please a guy at affordable prices:

  1. Brazil. Intimate industry in Brazil is officially banned, but this does not prevent young and attractive Brazilian women to offer tourists to brighten up the evening for a few dozen dollars. For example, in the so-called “thermae” travelers will be offered not only a bath and massage, but also a session of hot sex with a selected professional.

  1. Philippines. Here night priestess can be rented in almost every bar and for some 80-100 dollars to take her with you for 24 hours. True, there is no official authorization for prostitution in the Philippines, but the police treat erotic activity loyally.

  1. Ukraine. For budget tourists Ukraine will be a real discovery, because here the girls work on the highest level and take at democratic rates. And if you order a girl in advance on the Internet, then a compliant individual will meet the partner already near the airplane ramp. For this purpose it is recommended to use specialized sites like Bordeleero.

  1. Cuba. Cuban beauties treat the opportunity to have fun with a foreigner favorably – on the offer of privacy 9 out of 10 met beauties will respond with consent. And even employees of hotels and restaurants do not mind to work after work, going on a date with a guest for a couple of dozen dollars or a few useful gifts.

  1. Mexico. Mexico is the Latin version of Thailand, where sex services are legal and generally available. And the price policy is so diverse that a suitable partner can easily be found by both a wealthy tourist and a budget traveler. For example, on https://mx.pander.pro/ there are categories with cheap prostitutes and elite escorts.


  1. Madagascar. African individual women gladly spend nights with European tourists, and the local government does not react in any way to the active development of the local ero-segment. And the closer to the capital of the island Antananarivo, the more attractive prostitutes and a wider range of available intimate services.

  1. Japan. The Japanese approach to adult entertainment is so extraordinary that it can surprise even a sophisticated sex tourist. For example, there are vending machines with used women’s lingerie, and in special cafes you can hire a girl for a hug, with whom it is allowed to squeeze in bed, without moving on to frank caresses. Also, in some entertainment establishments, oral caresses can be received as a bonus with a purchase for a certain amount.


  1. Thailand. No rating of sex services can not do without Thailand – this country opened the world intimate tourism as a mass phenomenon. Here there is entertainment for travelers with any orientation and preferences, and prices are quite affordable even by the standards of budget tourists. And although the erotic segment in the country is illegal, in fact, all spheres of the economy feed on prostitution, so the government looks at such offenses through its fingers.


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