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Why Do People Love Sexting?

Text sex chat or sexting is an integration of texting and sex. This is the process by which people send sexual text messages. Most often, sexting includes sending seminude or nude photos as well as explicit videos. People involve themselves in sexting through messaging on mobile phones. Sometimes, sexting is also done through direct messaging or other messaging services on different social media websites.

Every person, regardless of his age group, can sext; however, countless young adults utilize this process to have sexual connections. According to studies, it has been proved that nearly 15 percent of teens have already sent a text, and nearly 27 percent of teenagers have also received one. So, it can be said that 3 out of 4 young adults have taken part in sexting.

How does sexting work in a relationship?

People encourage sexting in their relationships due to various reasons. The first is through this process; they want to remain connected with their partner even when they are away from each other physically. According to some experts, sexting is dependent on the attachment style. Some basic attachment styles are:

  • Anxiously-attached individuals bother about rejection frequently, and they have the desire to mix their life with another person’s life completely. Securely-attached individuals find it comfortable and smoother to become closer to other people. These people do not bother much about abandonment.
  • Avoidantly-attached individuals tend to be uncomfortable in becoming closer to other people, and they spend a tough time believing intimate partners.

According to research, people with anxious or avoidant attachment styles love to take part in sexting. And anxiously-attached people utilize sexting as a proper method in which they can feel closer to a partner when the partner is not around. Most often, avoidant people utilize sexting to get gratification, and they keep their sexual partners at their arm’s length.

Chat with any person

No matter whether you are a womanizer or a man who wants to have a beautiful girl for sexual intimacy, you will find sexting to be ideal for you. Every person, regardless of his age, enjoys this process. While sexting, people enjoy gala time as they have naughty fun text sex chat.


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