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Best Type of Lingerie for Various Body Types

Women typically have one of five basic body types: hourglass, pear, apple, rectangle, or triangle. Lingerie is designed to accommodate each of these shapes but does so in a somewhat different way. Here are some suggestions if you’re seeking looks that complement your particular measurements perfectly:


Work those curves, baby! Look for underwear with a high-rise waist and leg. Your legs will appear longer as a result, and your full hips and slim waist will also be highlighted.


Pears often have smaller breasts and a booty to make you envious. They are very supple and well-shaped. When paired with a full brief and a fuller-looking bra that evens out the proportions, these measurements look wonderful.


Low-rise pants look fantastic on this body type. If you want to add copious quantities of eroticism to the way you wear your underwear, look for a knicker that sits straight along the lower hipline.


This classic tomboy body type looks amazing in almost anything. However, it can sensitively carry the minimal appearance in extremely “barely-there” clothing, when most other body shapes may struggle.


A plunging bra is absolute perfection on this body shape and gives your curves a sophisticated boudoir vibe. Deep-V necklines draw the eye in towards your bust and minimize your broad shoulders. Your appearance will be entirely on trend if you use a more streamlined brief.

Tips to find the perfect-fitting bra:
  • Since it offers 80% of support, your under band must feel sturdy but comfortable, without digging in or leaving red marks.
  • Your bra’s back should match up with the front. When your bra is brand new, attach the loosest hook.
  • Not too high under the arms with the cups.
  • The bra’s cups should snugly fit your breast; there should be no wrinkling or overspill.
  • There should be no prodding or rubbing of the wires against your body.
  • The center front panel of your bra should rest flat against your body.
  • The natural posture of your breasts should be supported; this is often halfway between the shoulder and the elbow. If required, reposition the straps.


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