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A Guide to Make Sex for men

There are various factors you must take into consideration if your question is how to fuck girl. Foreplay and preparation are undoubtedly two of them. However, see below if you want to give a female the best fuck of her life.

  • Condoms and a ready environment for making love are proper preparations.
  • Do as much foreplay as you can till she is pleading for you.
  • She should be as excited as possible before penetration, so kiss her pussy or use your fingers to do it.
  • Put a condom on, kiss her, and then slowly enter her genitalia.
  • Utilize various positions to prevent muscle fatigue.
  • If you feel like you’re arriving too soon, take your dick out and finger or tongue her.
  • After the climax, cuddle, kiss, and spoon.
  • Repeat the entire process as often as you like.

After sex

how to fuck girl

Following an orgasm, hormones have released that lead to human bonding. Girls enjoy being spooned after having sex. That entails hugging while lying side by side. Don’t forget to remove the condom, knot it up, and discard it. You might also want to take a shower. Have a little time to recover, then go for it again. It’s not unusual to make out with her two, three, four, or more times in one night how to fuck girl?.

Fucking Versus Making Love: What’s the Difference?

Sex is not always the same. This holds true whether done with one person or several partners over several nights. The two main distinctions are whether you are making love or having sex (sometimes known as “fucking”). The final objective is the main distinction. Fucking is done to reach a climax. The purpose of making love is to have an intimate moment with your spouse that strengthens your relationship both physically and emotionally.

Detail is where the devil is at. The act of making love is a whole experience. The journey should be as much fun for you and your companion as the payoff. Because, once more, the aim isn’t just emotional connection but also bodily release. It’s not necessarily selfish to engage in sexual activity for selfish reasons. It can be a pleasurable experience as long as both participants are clear about the interaction’s goals.


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